Data protection or competitive advantage?

Gerhard Kürner
2 min readFeb 22, 2022 Team

When we got the great promise of the Austria Wirtschaftsservice in summer 202 about a funding of our AI supported 506 Analytics Platform, the joy was huge.

At that time, there was no such intense discussion about how data privacy compliant tracking with Google Analytics is possible and it was mostly difficult to explain that DSGVO compliant and clean data quality is the basis for marketing data AI solutions like ours. Currently, there is a lot of excitement because data protection authorities in Austria, Denmark and France have found violations in the use of Google Analytics in various procedures. You would think that the topic has now reached the threshold of awareness among decision-makers.

Unfortunately, no.

More or less relaxed, it always comes down to the issue of data protection. From the extreme variant of completely turning off Google Analytics, to the currently possible DSGVO-compliant use of

Analytics, to the use of an alternative such as . When asked why DSGVO compliant data is so important and what happens with the analytics data, what use the reports could have for if, the further drive quickly falls into the bottomless pit. Yes, we are doing something, there are some reports that no one is looking at, one often hears behind closed doors.

The great potential in data visualization across digital touchpoints for a much better “customer experience” and new, unknown market opportunities are completely overlooked. The great opportunity to leverage first-party data to gain a competitive advantage is unfortunately still underutilized.

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Gerhard Kürner

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