Google Analytics privacy issue in France

Gerhard Kürner
2 min readFeb 10, 2022

The CNIL — Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés considers the data transfer to the USA illegal after complaints from!

“Google Analytics provides statistics on website traffic. Following complaints from the NOYB association, the CNIL, in collaboration with its European counterparts, has analyzed the conditions under which the data collected by this tool is transferred to the United States. CNIL considers these transfers to be unlawful and calls on the operator of the French website to comply with the GDPR and, if necessary, to stop using this tool under the current conditions.”

Now is really the time for companies to review their current website tracking strategy! The ongoing data privacy complaints always lead to great uncertainties for companies and continuous review and rework of all aspects in the use of analytics tools that transfer data to the US.

The good news:
With the European Google Analytics alternative of Piwik PRO and the know-how of 506, you can not only clarify the data protection issue 100%, but also continue to use the DSGVO compliant and user consented data to learn more about your entire digital customer journey.

506 Marketing Data Analytics Platform

Contact Larissa Koch or me directly to learn more about privacy compliant analysis, visualization and activation of digital visitor and customer data.



Gerhard Kürner

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