Gerhard Kürner
2 min readJul 9, 2023
Adapted from @MichaelTrazzi / @HamishDoodles

🚀 “Let’s use the AI revolution: Practical applications instead of technical overload”.

As CEO of, I see the rapid evolution of AI technology pose challenges to businesses on a daily basis. An article at the AI Alignment Forum confirms for me that there is an adaptive frontier, which is the maximum speed at which business can adapt to new technologies. If we exceed this limit, we will not achieve additional socioeconomic benefits and we will also expose ourselves to significant risks and costs.

In our AI product implementations, we only see progress where we succeed in ensuring that as many employees as possible learn to use it. This is the only way we can achieve real efficiency gains in everyday work. It is far from enough to look only at the technical possibilities of AI. It is time to focus on practical applicability and, above all, to put replicable applications in the foreground.

There is a need to see AI technology not just as a tool for ever new techniques, but as a way to improve and optimize the way we work. It’s not just about what the technology can do, but how we can use it effectively in our workflows.

It’s time to support our employees so they can keep up with ever-evolving technologies.

The example of our CompanyGPT’s templates and templates shows how quickly, with the right focus, it is possible to give organizations an edge without overwhelming them.

The AI revolution is upon us. Are we ready to take advantage of it?

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Gerhard Kürner

CEO 506 - European CompanyGPT - Vice Chairman @AIupperaustria - Keynote Speaker