More than half of publishers still miss out on better business performance due to first-party data

With categories such as business or ROS (run over site), the few possibilities for audience definition are quickly named by many publishers. Even if the big duo Google and Meta will be allowed to track less in the future due to the #DSGVO and will become less accurate, the possibility to define concrete target groups is light years better. It is therefore all the more incomprehensible not to invest more in data protection-compliant tracking and use of their own data.

Of course, it is a stumbling block because at the beginning you have to invest in software, new processes, know-how and people that do not refinance themselves immediately. But when I talk about data as the gold of the future, I have to start mining, and that means investing quickly.

For the big tech platforms, it is precisely this first party data that is the basis of their incredible success. Why wait to build your own data foundation?

#firstpartydata #successstory #publisher via IAB and 506



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