No Goals just vibes

So begins Amil Niaziโ€™s article in The Cut. You could also say โ€œNo Goals just vibesโ€.

The last few years have demanded a lot from our society in every respect and the exhaustion of many can be read very directly in articles like this one and also many others.

Yes, there are always other people who are doing really badly, and now we donโ€™t even have to change our continent.

Even if it is not easy, we should remember when we were at our best in the tasks we were given professionally or privately. For many people I know, it was always a time of great challenges, where you worked on something that meant something to you. Privately it was building a house and professionally it was when you brought a new product to market with a great team, for example.

We want and need to make sense of what we are doing, that is the biggest changes to the past decades. A fulfilled life will still be peppered with challenges that one has managed and can then achieve around the campfire of life.

Spending time with those you love is now out of the question. Unbelievable, great, outstanding, inconceivable, and admirable achievements should take an important place in life despite the situation described above.

If we want to develop as a society and give a better life to all people equally, we need goals that we strive for, that show us the direction and that make us proud when we achieve them.



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Gerhard Kรผrner

Gerhard Kรผrner

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