Personalization that works with the right data and AI.

Gerhard Kürner
3 min readJul 23, 2023

Customers today expect highly personalized messages in return for the data they provide. McKinsey agrees: according to a survey by the firm, 71% of consumers expect companies to provide personalized interactions, and 76% are frustrated when they don’t. To meet these expectations, marketers must be able to go beyond mere data aggregation and deliver messages that attract and retain customers.

Consumers no longer listen to the same old cyclical brand messages and don’t buy like they used to…. It has never been more important to have all customer data and especially anonymous website data at your fingertips. After all, if you’ve lured a prospect to your website with a lot of effort via content and paid media, it must be just as important to know their true interests and use that information to target them directly on the website in a personalized way next time. This increases the registration and completion rate enormously. By using a privacy-compliant AI solution, it is also possible for the first time to accurately identify these interests based on the reading behavior of unknown visitors.

This possibility of “data-based communication” between brands and consumers based on so-called first party data has been the focus for me for years and also led to the founding of and in 2020.

My look back into the agency market at that time paid off big time, because we knew long before our competitors why data would become so relevant for marketers in the future. We were convinced that there had to be a better solution because data-based solutions enable marketers to address their customers in a personalized and relevant way. Moreover, we knew from the beginning that this would be beneficial for our marketing. Data Science and especially for AI applications without this data would not stand a chance.

Our Customer Intelligence solution is the result of years of work and research and provides tools for analytics, AI enhancement, audience building and onsite targeting. Moreover, these audiences can be used for online marketing as well as for other channels such as CRM or email systems. The platform brings together data from various sources and can additionally be enriched and extended with AI models to create campaigns and also check their effectiveness in more detail. In this way, marketers can also link anonymous visitors with known profiles to massively improve the customer experience.

506 AI- based Customer Intelligence Platform
506 Customer Intelligence Platform

Most customers expect long and painful implementation and customization cycles, which is why they become 506’s biggest advocates when they see the simplicity of the platform. The customer intelligence platform is built around the core of a basic CDP at its heart, and can provide customer insights and business data from as early as anonymous website visitors, which can then be linked to various other systems.

This data feeds into marketers’ campaign approaches, newsletters and website content, enabling them to truly personalize the customer experience for the first time.



Gerhard Kürner

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