Stop talking about data driven anything!

If I do not leave my apartment because I saw in the weather report that it is raining, I have also acted data driven. We act and react on information of our respective environment and that since the existence of mankind.

When we talk about data today, we are talking about written, digital, unstructured or structured information. Secondly, it must belong to us or at least have the consent that we can use it.

The bigger problem is the result, if the weather forecast shows me that it is raining, I can stay at home or take an umbrella. When people talk about data, they rarely discuss what the result might be.

It would be much more important to discuss positive business goals that we can achieve with good data and technology. If we can find out from the data what the real needs of the visitors and customers are, we can offer them a much more suitable offer.

If a lot of people follow advertising, look at a lot of things digitally, but don’t buy anything, it’s for a reason. If someone engages with content for a long time and then doesn’t close it has a reason. If someone buys only once and then never buys again, there is a reason. If someone buys regularly and then never buys again, there is a reason.

We should start asking the right questions that we want to answer with data and then integrate, analyze and above all operationalize data.



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Gerhard Kürner

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