Strategic realignment Welcome to the future of corporate intelligence

Gerhard Kürner
2 min readDec 1, 2023
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Since our foundation in 2020, 506 has continuously evolved. Our focus on marketing data science has given us deep insights into AI-driven data analysis. Our product development and research projects have received a huge boost from the market maturity of big AI models and our deep understanding of big language models combined with data collected in a privacy-compliant way.

The last few months have marked an exciting and decisive turning point. With the launch of CompanyGPT, our privacy-compliant AI for business processes, we have triggered revolutionary developments both internally and with our customers. The impressive interest and diverse applications of over 100 installations have led us to an important decision.

We are now taking the step from the customer intelligence platform to CompanyGPT for marketing, service and HR. The new extension of our European AI solution offers the secure use of proprietary data in real time, paired with ease of use and predefined prompt templates for complex tasks, opening up unprecedented opportunities for competitiveness and increased productivity.

To drive this forward-looking vision, we will move away from some of our existing customer intelligence modules and focus on developing this enterprise AI.

In the future, our advanced AI technology will further simplify many work processes. Our enterprise AI will be able to perform simple tasks automatically, providing companies and their employees with unprecedented support in their day-to-day business.

We are on the threshold of a new era of AI-based assistance systems in everyday business life. With 506 at your side, you are embarking on a future that will sustainably improve your company with your own AI.



Gerhard Kürner

CEO 506 - European CompanyGPT - Vice Chairman @AIupperaustria - Keynote Speaker