Gerhard Kürner

Oct 18, 2020

2 min read

Stress? Why You Need To Stop Saying “Thank God It’s Friday”​

“Finally the weekend” can be heard on the radio and a lot of people post online or say “Thank God, it’s Friday”.

Why do people even say that?

You work hard at your workplace all week and can’t wait for Friday to come. This means getting out of work and having fun on the weekend, like going out with friends for a drink, or just doing the things you love to do.

You are glad that the week is finally over and that you have 2 days of freedom. But by Monday morning at the latest you can see the dark side.

The “bad time” begins again and the game starts all over again. Every weekend, again and again without end. Let’s assume that the problem is not the activity, but rather the stress that you had all week. That means to think about success and stress. I would summarize success in one picture and build your “Personal Force”:

Motivation is the turbo

Discipline is the engine

Willpower and Passion the fuel

On the other hand, the issue of stress is just as important. Check out Kelly McGonigal’s great TED Talk on “How to make stress your friend”:

So stop thinking, “Thank God, it’s Friday” Every day should be a new and exciting day. Build your “Personal Force”, think about your view on stress, because if you like your life only two days a week, you have to change it right away. Come on!