Why writing a diary helps with decisions and brings more balance. Difficult decision probably everyone has to make from time to time.

The basis for the decision-making process should always be the same — always make decisions in writing. This is the first super helpful step, because you “export” the problem from your brain into a text. When the problem is then in front of you, we usually feel much better. The same is true when we get very upset about something and keep thinking about it in our head in a looping way and get angry. Here, too, it helps to get out of your head and into the text. What does this have to do with writing a journal?

Writing a journal is the best training to turn your thoughts into text and therefore helps enormously when you are angry or make decisions.

There is a lot of software and apps for journal writing, but my personal favorite is the one from Mike and Dave Radparvar Co-Founders Holstee, who became famous some time ago with the Holstee Manifesto. The has only been available for a few months but I immediately grew fond of it.

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